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Pawling Tri Training Plan

We are excited to be partnered with Tri-Trainer this year, and offer you a starting point, and a guide to get involved in a multisport, and a healthier you! 

Triathletes tend to be one of the most welcoming, passionate, and enthusiastic groups of people that we work with -encompassing people from all walks of life and ALL ability levels - you do NOT need to be a super athlete to get involved in this activity. You do NOT need a bunch of fancy equipment. You do NOT need to give up all your free time. You DO need to start! It is tons of fun and you will feel amazing.

The Pawling Tri is an awesome local event that kicks off the season and is a great way to get into Triathlon. Tri-Tainer is offering a group program that will guide you thru getting set for the event. 

Consider signing up, you really can't beat this program - their time is basically being donated to give you that added motivation to stop thinking about it and just do it. The training peaks app is great and well worth it. 

Email Shosh or Jaime below, super awesome people that will be excited to talk to you and answer your questions -whatever they are.

Pawling Sprint TRAINING PLAN


Your Training Plan is designed by  starts in December and is designed to help you to ‘Peak’ in your fitness and race readiness for the Pawling Sprint in June 3rd 2017.


The plan is a ‘ Performance Plan’ and although it doesn’t take into account your own current personal fitness level it takes you through the phases of Preparation, Base Building, Build and Race Prep, Peak, Taper and Race. This allows you to start early at an easy level of endurance and intensity and slowly build with the plan.


The plan is delivered monthly on your Lap Top or Cell Phone through the Training Peaks (TP) Platform and the Premium version will be included in the $25 monthly coaching cost. (To be paid through PayPal).


The Premium version allows you to enter your own workouts and to move workouts around. For example you could enter your own Yoga class or move a planned swim workout from Tuesday to Wednesday and even give yourself a Day Off!


If you sign up for the Plan, Jaime Jofre and Shoshana Riss will offer regular video conference calls to help you understand how to enter and the importance of entering training data into TP so that you maximize its benefits to you. Jaime is also available locally to answer questions about the TP platform.


Unlike our individual Tri-Trainer clients we will not be looking at your workouts or communicating with you on a daily basis but you will be able to e mail or text questions and we will be monitoring from time to time how close you are complying with the plan. It’s easy to see.


The Plan is a ‘Dynamic’ Plan and allows us to enter planned Group workouts throughout so that if a group swim, bike or run is organized you will see that.


Everybody needs to ‘chill’ but not ‘veg’ at the end of the 2016 Season so the idea is for December to focus heavily on Preparation, Technique and Strength work with conference calls throughout December educating you on the use of Training Peaks and areas like Heart Rate, Pace or Power Zone setting.


If you are interested in signing up please e-mail Ray Kelly and Jaime Jofre or Shoshana Riss 


Jaime Jofre and Shoshana Riss

USAT Level 1 Coaches